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Inside: The Real Soy Story of a Dangerous
Tale of Hidden Lies Endangering Your Health

Dear Newsmax Reader,

I don't consider myself a gullible sort of person.

As a matter of fact, I'd like to say I'm pretty good at recognizing when someone's being dishonest — or trying to dupe me into doing something that's not good for me.

But, I have to admit . . . Even I was taken in by the whole ‘soy-is-healthy-and-good-for-you' story told by everyone from my local health food store clerk to the FDA.

They talk a good talk, touting all the so-called amazing health benefits of the plentiful soybean.

And I believed the FDA and the media when they said soy was helpful in strengthening bones, calming menopausal symptoms in women, and even improving a man's libido.

Why wouldn't I? I mean, it's soy . . .

A simple bean from nature's bounty of wholesome, nutritious foods, right? One we've been led to believe provides healthy food products for vegetarians and meat-eaters alike.

They say it's harmless, tasty, and packed with health-promoting goodness. And the FDA wouldn't lie about that, would they?

Well, that's what I thought until I discovered . . .

The Frightening Truth About Soy

You see, what the FDA, the media, and especially the soy industry would rather you not know is this:

Consuming large quantities of soy and soy-based foods actually puts you at risk for severe hormonal imbalances — as well as many other serious health issues.

And unfortunately, just trying to avoid soy milk or soy foods isn't enough.

Because according to Newsmax medical editor Dr. David Brownstein, a highly processed, devitalized, and potentially toxic soy protein isolate is present in nearly 60% of all the food you buy at your local grocery store.

Unbeknownst to you, these health-damaging soy isolates are added to many food products you consume every day (including meat) — to enhance flavor, improve texture, and increase the protein content.

I can see you now, scratching your head and asking . . .

If Soy Is So Toxic, Then Why
Are Asian People So Healthy?

That's an honest inquiry.

After all, Asian people eat a lot of tofu and other soy foods — don't they?

Well, that's what the soy industry would like you to believe. But the reality is — they don't eat very much at all . . . maybe a couple of tablespoons a day, if that.

Soy isn't a staple in their diet, it's merely a condiment.

Could it be the Asian culture knows something we don't about soy and its potentially harmful qualities?

You'll just have to delve into Dr. David Brownstein's issue of the Natural Way to HealthDangers and Misconceptions About Soy and Your Health — to find out the answer to that and many other pressing questions you may have.

Here's just a taste of some of the answers you'll find in this month's info-packed newsletter:

  • Dangers and Misconceptions About Soy and Your HealthIf you must eat soy — play it safe by choosing only these 3 specially formulated soy foods . . .
  • Warning to all new mothers! Would you knowingly feed your infant 5 birth control pills every day? You might be doing just that if you use this type of formula . . .
  • Discover the truth about why girls are entering puberty at younger and younger ages as the years go by — the reasons are terrifying . . .
  • Plus, find out the deadly connection between ‘precocious puberty' and an increase in these 3 killer-diseases . . .
  • Read the recent health warning the Israeli Health Ministry issued about soy — our own FDA could learn a thing or two . . .
  • Why promote this as a wondrous osteoporosis prevention and treatment food when nothing could be further from the truth? (Hint: The truth doesn't necessarily make companies rich) . . .
  • Consume too much soy and kiss this vital enzyme goodbye — it could be a matter of life and death for those with pancreatic cancer . . .
  • Drinking soy milk regularly could put you at risk for deficiencies of these two must-have vitamins . . .
  • Chances are you're one of the 40% of Americans afflicted with a serious undiagnosed condition in this crucial gland — and soy products could be at the root of it all . . .

This is just the beginning of the priceless information Dr. Brownstein reveals about the truth concerning the dangers of eating soy and soy-based foods.

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